Elegant Wedding in Bowling Green, Kentucky

Kenzie + Brandon’s wedding day was a total dream! It took place at The Charleston Venue in Bowling Green, Kentucky, which features a stunning ceremony space with a dramatic double staircase and an exquisite chandelier. Kenzie’s beautiful blush-toned dress was purchased from Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique in Louisville, and her timeless, classic florals were done by For Myself florist in Leitchfield.

The girls popped the champagne and the guys threw back a shot and celebrated as they got ready for portraits — the environment from minute one at this wedding was a lively one, full of upbeat attitudes and excitement.

Prior to their first look, Kenzie and Brandon wrote letters to each other that moved everyone to tears; but we all lost it when Brandon saw Kenzie for the first time. Their first look was so sweet, and one of my favorites to date.

One thing you should know about these two is that their dogs are everything to them. It was very important that they be an integral part of K+B’s day. Little Knox sported a cute doggie tuxedo, while Tilly graced us all with her delicate floral collar. Their humans took them for a nice walk around the square before the ceremony, and stopped for a few photos in the shade. They were walked down the aisle with the maid of honor and best man, and sat close to their humans all through the ceremony.

Some say a first look can take away from the impact of waiting until the ceremony, and rob the couple of that dramatic moment — but Brandon’s emotions overflowed all over again as his bride walked through the door and down the aisle. Kenzie’s tears followed shortly after during her own vows.

The start of the reception was just as emotional as the ceremony. The speeches and dances were heartfelt and full of love… and some sick moves. Kenzie’s dance with her dad started out slow and sweet, until a record scratch kicked in and “Body” by Megan The Stallion came on, grabbing everyone’s attention. Kenzie and her dad then busted out a choreographed dance to the song, later bringing everyone in the bridal party out onto the floor as well, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. The party also kept going with a steamy garter toss, during which, Brandon gave Kenzie a lap dance and received cheers from all of the bridal party members. Oh, and we can’t forget what was probably most hilariously aggressive cake smash moment I’ve ever captured.

K+B’s sunset bridals were taken on the rooftop garage at the local university in Bowling Green — it was the perfect backdrop to highlight the couple and let their love shine. There’s just nothing quite like golden hour! K+B then invited everyone outside for a staged sparkler exit during blue hour, then we stuck around outside for a few extra nighttime bridals — those turned out to be some of my favorites!

The reception had many highlights, but a few personal faves being their personalized neon sign, a stylish champagne wall for the guests to enjoy, and a signature drink named after their sweet pupper. You can see for yourself in the remainder of the gallery: the rest of the reception was definitely a night to remember!

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