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Stephanie here. I am a destination wedding/portrait photographer based out of Arkansas! I am married to my best friend of all time, Tyler, and we have the sweetest little family of fur babies. I got into photography when I was very young because I loved to create art, but I pursued it as a career because I fell in love with helping people embrace their individual beauty and capturing life's most precious memories. 

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I definitely can’t have an "About Me" section without telling you about my husband, Tyler! He is truly the backbone of this business because he is the one who keeps me sane and speaks life into me daily. He is nurturing, thoughtful, and truly the best part of my life.
Being married has brought a whole new perspective to being a wedding photographer, and I’m loving every minute of it.

In 2022, Tyler officially joined the business full-time as our in-house videographer, something that's been a dream of ours for years. Now we get to work from home together, be in charge of our own schedule, and travel doing what we love!! We couldn't be happier.

Now, for some fun facts about us!
- We met at the gym! Tyler was a personal trainer there and working out together is still one of our favorite activities.
- Tyler grew up in Kentucky, and I grew up in northern California before making the move to Kentucky in 2013. At the start of 2022 we decided to make the jump and move to Arkansas to be closer to my family.
- I used to be a die-hard enneagram 2 (people pleaser), but my husband is a healthy 8w9, so his perfectly balanced empathetic heart and unwavering confidence has helped me grow in all the best ways.
- I love to travel. That is the main reason I chose the career I did; I wanted the freedom to be able to see new places and work along the way!

I believe I was created to love unconditionally and use my talents and skills to do it. I’m beyond thankful this career gives me that opportunity to show love to every person who steps in front of my camera!

Thank you for your interest in my passion and for taking the time to read this and get to know us both a little better! We love people and hearing their stories, and we hope we get to hear yours soon.

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