SHP Presets,

SHP presets were made from scratch in the style I desired for my own work. If you are looking to achieve dramatic & moody vibes in your images, featuring rich, earthy tones and dynamic contrast, these are for you.

- You must have Lightroom Classic CC for Desktop to use these presets

- Shoot in RAW file format for best quality

- Presets work best when you shoot with accurate white balance settings. Use the Kelvin scale for optimum accuracy.

- Presets may not be a one-click solution! The most common adjustments that need to be made when using any presets are temperature, tint, exposure and skin tone (orange and red hues).

- Presets are non-refundable.

Before and Afters

I hope you enjoy these presets! I have put in many, many hours into perfecting these tones so you don't have to! I will say this -- presets are not magic. They will not instantly make all of your images look perfect. If you are shooting with inaccurate settings, or if you have to shoot in poor lighting conditions (happens to the best of us), your images may require more adjustments. This is totally normal! This is where knowing your camera and having experience comes into play, so don't stress!

Just keep learning and practicing. Ultimately, your work is all about you -- your creativity, your experience and your skill. I am simply here to help you further your growth as a photographer, and feel more confident in what you put out to the world!

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