Outer Space Self Portraits

I have always loved taking creative self portraits. I first found a love for it in high school; I had just moved to a new state and I didn’t have a lot of friends, so self portraiture gave me an outlet for my emotions and my creativity. Whatever I was going through or feeling came out in my portraits, and I think it helped me process a lot. I try to prioritize doing that still today, because it brings me so much peace to spend a day alone being creative. This shoot came to mind when I was watching our space light dance across the ceiling one night. I purchased body glitter that would add more dynamics and reflect off the lights, and I went to work. I hung up a white sheet on my backdrop stand in my living room and turned off all the lights except the space light pointing directly at me. The variety of colors and lasers made for such an interesting look, and I was extremely proud of how it turned out! I’m so thankful to be able to have an outlet when things get tough. Anytime I start to feel burnt out, I do something like this, and it helps. I always want to make time for self portraiture even in my busy schedule, so that I never fall out of love with photography.

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