Lake Tahoe Editorial Session

Meet one of my best friends, Ellie! I met Ellie when I hired her to model for a shoot in San Diego a couple of years ago, and we became fast friends after we realized how truly ridiculous and goofy we both are.
Since then, we’ve stayed in touch and recently went on a trip to Lake Tahoe together! We knew we wanted to put together a unique session, but weren’t quite sure what we wanted to go for yet, so we went thrift shopping in search of inspiration.
As I rounded the corner of an aisle at one store, I heard Ellie‘s voice say, “Okay, but what if I put this lampshade on my head?”I busted out laughing at first, but then I looked at the lampshade, and exchanged looks with Ellie, and I said,“but wait… why do I love it?”
We ended up buying the lampshade for five dollars, and then found a brown and gold curtain for two dollars at another thrift store and decided to turn it into a dress. We got up at the crack of dawn the next morning and hiked to a beautiful valley at the base of a mountain to shoot out unique concept. It ended up being even more cool and interesting, visually, than we thought it would be! Despite having nearly froze since we were up in the mountains — we had a blast doing it, and are super proud of the results.

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